He is able to do simple addition, since he recognizes, with relative ease, numbers. However, he is very slow. He reads the numbers poorly, since he cannot recognize the value of several numbers at once. When shown the number 112, he says,“It is a 1, a 1, and a 2,” and only when he writes the number can he say “one hundred and twelve.”6 Second critical point: See Newsholme and Start 1973:197–98. I found this especially surprising, since I normally have very meager powers of visualization. I have difficulty evoking a mental picture of a friend’s face, or my living room, or anything at all. The persistence of vision I had experienced was richly, mindlessly detailed, much more so than any voluntary image. It was so detailed I could see the colors of cars and sometimes read their license plates, to which I had paid no conscious attention. Involuntary, unselective, unstoppable, the image seemed to me akin to photographic or eidetic imagery—but, unlike eidetic imagery, it had a very definite and brief duration, lasting ten or fifteen seconds and then fading. Abilify how much does it cost
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Crushed Grapes Ministry

Crushed Grapes - Brief Update

October 11, 2014

Beloved family and friends,

Well, we finally moved. Our new address is 2404 via Mariposa West unit 2 G, Laguna Woods, CA. 92637. It is a confusing mirror image of our last condo without the awesome views from the patio. Thanks to all who helped with trucks, brains, brawn, and the moral and financial support to make the move possible.

Our closest neighbors, whom we see often, are Joe and Linda, or Rabbi and Mrs. Mendelsohn. Lord our God You are so good at ordering our steps and orchestrating everything to conform us to the image of Jesus. It is a joyful journey of faith and adventure. Help all of us enjoy the ride.

Jesus has overcome the world and is our peace. He has broken down every wall of separation. He has taken some of the scales from our eyes so that we begin see the world system as a mortal enemy. He has stirred the yearning for Home so that we can stand up and rejoice as we experience the birth pangs of His Kingdom and the shaking of everything that can be shaken. The unshakable Kingdom and our blessed King are coming. Until that day is fully upon us and the blinding light shines from East to West, may we help establish His reign in us and through us. Brothers and sisters, that might well be the basis of His reign for some time to come. Do not grow weary in well doing.




Frank B. Smith, Director


Crushed Grapes Ministries

PO Box 3009

Vista, CA 92085

(760) 641-0251


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Frank Smith
(760) 641-0251