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CGM Update - Diving Healing & Modern Medicine

April 29, 2015

Dear friends and loved ones, fellow journeyers into this awe-inspiring seventh and final millennium.

            This is the last and final day of the seven one thousand year periods of Biblical history. The fourth dimension of time applies only to this seven thousand year blip in eternity. I believe it was eternity before Genesis 1:3, and it will be eternity after Revelation 21:22. God’s purpose for this “time” was to gain a family, a bride for His Son, and a place to live; and also a plan for sweeping evil out of eternity. We who are created in His image and likeness are the answer to the first three purposes, and the lake of fire will take care of any residual evil that refuses the solution that Jesus earned through His passionate love poured out on the cross. The lake of fire is like a cosmic toilet to flush evil out of eternity.

            I have struggled with the way creation will be set free from its bondage to decay as we sons of God are revealed. The bondage to decay includes the scrambling of our brains and death. These came from the fall of Adam and Eve and were heightened at the time of the flood because we had become so violent. Human life span started at infinity. Death came upon us at the fall and people began to die, but apparently not before several hundred years. The adjustments God made at the time of the flood to minimize our violence was to lower life spans to 120 at the upper end, and also to scramble our brains and languages. Now it is all to change back, and has apparently started.

            We can now help unscramble our brains, and science is undergirding the biblical principles. Much is being written and taught in this area. My favorites are Dr. Caroline Leaf (Switch On Your Brain,) and Dr. Jim Wilder (The Life Model) and his associates at Shepherd’s House.                            

            Life spans are also increasing and I am in a quandary; is this from direct divine healing, or from modern medicine and technology. The answer is, “yes.” I want to use more of the direct divine healing, but God is doing both in my life with an emphasis on modern medicine and technology.

            A few years ago I needed a pacemaker. The doctor said I should get the type with a defibrillator. That one has an extra wire into the opposite heart chamber, and paddles you if the heart goes into ventricular fibrillation, which would result in death without the paddling. I argued that I didn’t need it since I only had atrial fibrillation, but she prevailed. Thank God!

            On Saturday February 7 at 4 a.m. I was restless and dozing an awakened by the shock of the paddling. I thought I was dying. After recovering from the shock, I located the instructions from the time of surgery. It said if you’re in trouble get immediately to the hospital. If you feel all right, call your doctor and see them ASAP. It was Saturday morning.

            The cardiologist on call said to call Monday morning, but get to the ER if anything else happens. At the office when they read the pacemaker the technician said I also had been paddled on January 13 at 11 p.m. On that day I had left Orange County at 5:30 a.m., had a breakfast meeting, busy morning, lunch at Green Oak Ranch, a nap in the car, taught at Brother Bennos at 3:30, back to the ranch for dinner and counseling sessions, then to Jim and Patty Huber’s where I tried out their new hot tub, and went to bed at 9 p.m. so exhausted I did not wake up or feel the defibrillator restart my heart.

            A new and dangerous medication was prescribed with lots of warnings. It said “Do not take if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.”  Because I was allergic I didn’t take it. The doctor adjusted other meds and I went on my way. Until…….

            Last week the defibrillator went off twice. At 4 a.m. Wednesday after another busy day down south, and again at 11:45 a.m. Thursday while sitting at the desk, and waiting for a 1:20 appointment at the cardiologists. They said to come to their offices rather than the E.R. This time I was prescribed a very large dose of the same dangerous drug which I am taking and seem to be adjusting to it.

            Each time I felt the defibrillator, I thought I was dying. The last time was the scariest. I had a sensing of alarm, and then there was a rush throughout my body. It was like a rush of nothingness. Then dizziness and light headedness and then “wham.” When the shock came, I could feel the places in my heart where the wires are screwed into the heart muscle. It is not exceedingly painful, but it is very unpleasant, disconcerting, perplexing, and alarming.

            I was talking with my son Mike in Taiwan after the first two episodes and mentioned how this makes me evaluate what I do as to whether the activity is worthy of precious time should this be my last day.  Mike responded, “That sounds like the way we should all think, no matter our age and health.” Very true, but realizing my mortality in this way helps me focus on what is important to the Lord.

            I feel like I’m back in school learning to live free and forgiven, and discovering what is my part in all this and what is the Lord’s part; what is the role of medicine, and what is divine healing. Jesus did everything for our salvation and healing is a part of that package, but what is the place of faith, prayer, and meditation? And, is there a different responsibility in living as sons of God and manifesting that I am/we are the righteousness of God in Christ? How much restoration will take place in this final millennium? Will it be a complete return to Eden, or does that take place later?  Has Satan already been bound for the thousand years and the present battle strategies led by his lieutenants who obviously follow his methods (condemnation, shame, guilt, law based religion, etc.?)

                Beloved friends, listen to Jesus, and do what He says. He is reigning during this millennium through His body – us. He is restoring all things through His body – us. He is reversing all the effects of sin, disobedience, condemnation, and religion based on law through His body – us. He is the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords. Live like who you are to His glory




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