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Crushed Grapes Ministry - The Eagle

September 11, 2015

Dear Friends and loved ones,

            May the incredible and often unappreciated, misunderstood, and ignored grace of God so impact you that you know and live as the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus because that is your true identity.

The worldwide excitement and terror at what is transpiring today is electrifying! When I consider writing about these things and our roles during this seventh millennium transition, I realize I’ve already written about most of it. Now I think I’ll revisit some of this old/new stuff, beginning here with “The Eagle.”

            I wrote this poem 26 years ago during the height of the abortion wars. It is perhaps even more timely today with the barbaric harvesting for profit of body parts by Planned Parenthood and our national subsidizing of this murder for hire group.

            Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger. She was a eugenist[FS1]  whose views paralleled those of Adolf Hitler. She too wanted a “master race” by eliminating poor people, “especially those with dark skin.” This woman is being considered for the honor of being the first woman whose face is on our money. “America, America, God mend thine every flaw; confirm thy soul in self-control, thy liberty in law.”

            Here is the link to “The Eagle.”   https://youtu.be/uN5CWEEx4UE

God bless you. I love you,


Frank Smith
(760) 641-0251