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CGM - An Ode to Jack Kleinn

October 28, 2015

Dear friends and loved ones,

A few weeks ago I went to an 89th Birthday Dinner for a dear Jewish friend and brother whom I met here at Laguna Woods a couple years ago. I wrote a poem for him titled “An Ode to Jack Klein.” My son, Mike, read the poem and said, “Dad, you should send this out in a letter. The folks could put their own names in it and I think many would be greatly blessed.” Here it is:

An Ode to Jack Klein

When I flung the world and the stars in their place
     I had a plan that would share my grace.
           I wanted a home with family like me,
               And the Garden of Eden was the place it would be.
But Adam and Eve took the snake at his word,
     And turned to the lies, the greed, and the grave.
          The process spun on, then out of control,
                 I decided to continue and come set it right.
A people called Jews, a Messiah for all,
     And in Him a new life to choose.
          He settled the score for eternity plus,
                And the fruit is now here for us.
God says, “________  _________is a friend of mine,
     A place where I dwell with My love.”

I hope this is a blessing to you.




Frank Smith
(760) 641-0251