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CGM Newsletter - Living in God’s Waiting Room

Crushed Grapes Ministry
Semi-regular newsletter
August 2, 2016
Dear Friends and Loved Ones,
Living in God’s Waiting Room

          A young man at Green Oak Ranch often greets me with, “Are you still living in God’s Waiting Room?” His Dad, like Betty and I, lives at Laguna Woods and that’s what they call this place. There are about eighteen thousand people living here with a median resident age of 76.7 years. We’ve been here for six years. We are in a building which has 24 condos and in the past two years, five of our neighbors were called into God’s office. At the Art Studio, there have been many more.

          I just visited a dear 97 year old Jewish lady who recently fell and broke her hip, or more likely, her hip broke and she fell. She usually greets me as “Pastor,” and “I love Jesus too,” and “I love you.” When she was fifteen, she worked in the office for Thomas A. Edison. This waiting room is a most fascinating place filled with unique, interesting and lovable people.

          I know the Lord very well and have been preparing people for their initial interview with God: what they should definitely not say, what they should say, and what to wear. Here is a summary of these points.
DO NOT SAY “I’ve been a good person and have tried my best.” Two reasons why this flagrant no-no is so egregious.

          First of all it’s a lie. You know full well you have not been holy, or perfect, or sold out to God. This is rationalization inspired by the knowledge of good and evil, which is death. This is what got us into the mess on the first place. Religion is man working to make himself acceptable to God by his own efforts. Impossible. God said within Himself, “No one can do this, I will come and do it for them.” And He did.

          Secondly it pits you against God and His purposes. He loves you. He wants you with Him. He paid the highest price for you ever paid for anything. He has given you the righteousness of Christ. Our Messiah traded places with us. We now have His perfect record. He put Himself on the altar of the cross where the wrath of God we deserved fell on Jesus. He is the Lamb of God who has taken away the sins of the world. The stupid statements about being good and trying are like telling God you want nothing to do with Him or His ways. Not a good idea.

WHAT TO SAY. Say what your Momma taught you from little on. Say “Thank You!” That’s maybe the best prayer you can ever pray. Thank You Father. Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You Holy Spirit.
WHAT TO WEAR. In Revelation 7 the multitude from every nation and people and tongue were all wearing white robes. The angel explained, “These are those who have come out of the great tribulation and washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” In the parable of the wedding supper one person was not wearing a wedding garment and was thrown out. This was the white garment we get while here in this great tribulation or pressure cooker. 
          Okay, how do I get the white robe? Paul said, “Don’t you know that as many of us as have been baptized into Christ, have put on Christ.” In your baptism you die with Jesus on the cross, and you are raised with Him on Resurrection morning. Don’t be found naked. If you don’t have the robe of His righteousness, get baptized right away. If you need help in this, please contact me or better yet ask God how to go about it.             
WHILE THINKING ON THIS MESSAGE a notice came about our 65thHigh School reunion, and I sensed the Lord wanted me to go and share some of this. I told Him I couldn’t possibly afford it, but within a couple days an old school buddy and part of the “dirty dozen,” now dirty half-dozen, said he’d pay my air fare. So please pray for a revival to break out for 83 year olds in Omaha, Nebraska come September. Breaking news – the reunion has just been cancelled, but the dirty half-dozen might still meet up. 
A CRUSHED GRAPES DAY was being planned for August, but we need to postpone it to September or October. These gatherings are spiritually eclectic. There’s always been worship, some teaching and prophesying, and uncommon communion. Then maybe some ordinations, weddings, or anything else God calls for. If you have any input on this next one, please contact me. Watch for announcements.
THIS SABBATH MILLENNIUM or last day continues to unfold right on schedule. Truth is spreading and is unstoppable. This is a great blessing to us, but a nightmare to politicians. Have you noticed? Everything God does, or allows to be done is designed for His purposes, to cause people to seek Him and embrace His love and mercy. Those who are wise run into His arms. Fools ignore it and suffer. Amos 4 is very applicable, especially the last of verses 6, 8, 9, 10, and 11, and then the end of 12, “Prepare to meet your God.”

We are all living in God’s waiting room no matter our number of years. Are you ready to meet your God? What a glorious time that will be.



Frank Smith
(760) 641-0251