Right after I returned to work, Dr. Najjar gave me permission to highlight my hair, because the scar, which prevented my hair from growing back as promised, had finally healed enough to stand up to the harsh chemical treatment. I went to the Arrojo salon in SoHo, near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, where my colorist streaked my hair a bold blond and a stylist cut wispy eye-length bangs that swooped to the right, covering up the bald spot. She asked how I got the scar, so I shared a bit of my story with her. She was so moved that she spent another hour putting my coarse hair (which had changed texture because of the medications) into rollers. Order capstar online Losar-q How much claritin does it take to get high
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April 2000

Dear friends and loved ones,

  God bless you all. I am quite busy here at the Ranch, playing catch up from
our trip, and also getting ready for hip surgery scheduled for May 8. Several
people have asked about the recent trip, and being lazy I wrote out a summary
so I wouldn't have to keep repeating it. After reading it I thought, "Hey
this is pretty interesting. I think I'll send it as a mini newsletter via Email."

Trip Summary
Wednesday March 22 we (Mark Fletcher and I) drove to Pat and Chris Regan's new home on a huge ranch near Carmel Valley. These servants of God are beginning a new job, a new location, and a new definition of the ministry God has assigned to them. May He bless them and use them mightily.

  Thursday March 23, drove to San Quentin and spent about three hours on
death row. As always, this was a very deep and enriching time for me and I pray for those I saw as well. May His light and life continue to flourish there.

We spent the night at Motel 6, and arrived at Eric and Heidi Frawley's in
Gresham Oregon mid afternoon on the 24th. Eric is a young Apostle who has
been reeling from some of the shenanigans of the religious high places. He
and Heidi are caring for twin Iranian boys age six who are here for surgery
which hopefully will allow them to walk. They have a bone disorder which has
disfigured them considerably as the muscles and tendons bend the bones. Their arms are quite misshapen, and they are in half body casts from the surgery to straighten their legs. Their bones are so fragile, that they have broken three times in the few months at the Frawley's. Once one of the boys rolled over on a toy and his arm broke. The labor is intensive and demanding, plus they also have three of their own children at home. The pace of activity at
this house of love is unwavering.

  Through this heroic ministry of love, Eric and Heidi have been introduced
to and welcomed by the Iranian community in the Portland area and in Iran.
They have been sharing with the Muslim people in a powerful and yet low key
way of the love of Jesus Who has given them the strength and heart to do
this. Love has validated Eric and Heidi's ministry. It is love that validates
each of our service to Jesus. May He use this dynamic couple mightily in a
world-wide ministry to Muslims, and inspire all of us with their example.

  Saturday we drove along the awesomely beautiful Columbia River Basin and
then north east to Lewiston, Idaho, to Don and Amy Guzman's. The ministry and sharing started immediately and climaxed on Sonday around noon when the gathered saints, a most beautiful and gifted group of elder servants, joined
in ordaining and laying hands on Don and Amy. May He use them mightily, and invigorate the church of Post Falls through this newly acknowledged Elder.

  Sonday afternoon we headed north to Post Falls where the car broke down at the most opportune and appropriate time. A new battery and catalytic
converter were obtained through some new friends at the only time this
inconvenience would not alter our schedule.

  Monday through Thursday was the intensive one on one counseling for me at
Elijah House. John and Paula Sanford are the founders and inspiration in God
for this very effective and powerful ministry. I was set free from several
vows made as a child, and believe the effect on my life will be very
significant. More on this later.

  Thursday evening we spent with Ron and Wendy Meyer, newly transplanted
Elders from Mankato Minnesota to Post Falls. Ron was a Youth Pastor with me in the 1960's in Brea, and we have shared together in some exploits and
ministry in Mankato. May He bless their relocation and continue to use them
mightily in His Kingdom.

  Friday was a travel day to Auburn with a three hour divine appointment
stop-over in Vantage with Bryan and Michelle Stockdale. Bryan is an Elder of
the Church of Vantage who has been in Jesus' special school of hard knocks
through a heavy-handed controller for a couple years. Jesus wants His Elders
to be able to withstand human authority, strength, and manipulation. Most of
us have to go through this school at some time in our lives if we are to be
trustworthy in His service. May He use this beautiful couple mightily and
through them set many others free.

  Auburn was the usual refreshing, enriching, encouraging time with Steve and
Christi and the Church that meets in their house. I was, as always, blessed
by the many friends and deep bonds of love - Leonard and Dorothy, Michael and Vicki, George, Daniel, and Scott, Mike and Judy, Pop, Lois, Jennifer, Terry, Brad, Jeff and Sherri, Katie and Andrew, and the many beautiful children and young people, all praising and serving God with a genuine faith and fervor. Also, the many ministries that come from this vibrant portion of the Church of Auburn are inspiring. About twenty of us went to investigate a possible ministry/community home for men coming out of prison. May this become a reality and the light of Jesus continue to shine so brightly through these servant saints.

  Monday morning early we hit the road hard and long. We spent some of the
night in Stockton and then drove into Vista on Tuesday afternoon 3,700 miles
later. We picked up the mail at the Post Office, stopped for a hamburger
around the corner from the Ranch and there the car died. It seems like an
electrical problem, that God-willing will be fixed soon. Isn't God good? Who
knows how long He had to override problems to get us where we needed to be.

  On Wednesday morning two men were caught by Jesus when the net was thrown out at the Chapel service. Another received Him at lunch and all three died to their old nature and rose again in the waters of baptism Wednesday
(yesterday) afternoon. What a wonderful Master we serve Who allows us to
share with Him in His exciting and rewarding service, and fellowship with His
saints as we await His return.

Maranatha, Lord Jesus.
Love,  Frank

Frank Smith
(760) 641-0251