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April 2008

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,


I hope that your celebration of our Victor’s obliteration of sin and death was awesome and a continuation of His ongoing daily resurrected life within you. You are a living and integral part of His Body. You are called to rule and reign in His stead. Everything in this creation is waiting for you and me set it free, to make every enemy a footstool for His feet.


Do not belittle who you are or allow yourself to be sucked into the vortex of the river of filth our enemy is spewing from his mouth. Everything that is happening economically, politically, and spiritually has been okayed by Christ Jesus. These are all opportunities for us to do our end time redemptive work. There has never been a day like today to do exploits in the Kingdom of God. Hallelujah!


March has been a whirlwind of travel and trials. I picked up Robert McMurray at LAX on March 2, and we began a two week odyssey through California, Oregon and Washington. The stops and ministry were as varied and as unique as the beautiful parts of this thing we call church. Jesus is preparing an awesome Bride.


Then I spent a little over a week celebrating the resurrection with family and friends, tying up loose ends with the resurrected Omaha ministry house, and spending a little time writing on the book before heading south into Baja with Rick Hohn. Rick is a 61 year-old handicapped (?) brother with cerebral palsy. He cannot talk, walk, eat, dress, or do any of the things we so take for granted. However, he can preach through a computerized talking device called Dyna Vox, radiate love and excitement about Jesus, and help all who are privileged to be with him re-orient themselves to the Kingdom of God. Everything clears up after a short time with Rick. Priorities are quickly reclassified and fractured souls are defragmented. For more information on Rick, go to: 


Next week I will be returning to Omaha. Jim Huber is stopping by en route from Gunnison Colorado to Louisiana and will be repairing the damage done to the house. Already the time in Nebraska is filling up with gatherings, meetings, a wedding and times to encourage the brothers. Also, I will take the opportunity to drive to Kansas and see my younger brother who is suffering from dementia. Plans are to return just in time for our Fifty-fifth Wedding Anniversary.   


Thank you for the prayers and support. Please continue to pray that we would be immersed in the best, in the very things the Lord specifically says to do, and not be sidetracked or pulled away by doing “good” things. There is no joy or happiness greater than being in the center of His will. I desire to be able to say as our example did, “I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.”


Love in Christ,


Frank Smith
(760) 641-0251