Tapering off norvasc In 1951, Brobeck and his colleague Bal Anand reported that lesioning a different region of the hypothalamus—the lateral hypothalamus—would induce rats to stop eating and lose weight and even die of starvation. Ranson’s lab had reported this phenomenon in rats, cats, and monkeys in the 1930s, but now Brobeck and Anand reinterpreted it to support Brobeck’s belief that the hypothalamus regulates eating behavior. Brobeck proposed that the lateral hypothalamus is a “feeding center” that motivates animals to eat, and the ventromedial hypothalamus works as a “satiety center” to inhibit eating. When she was fifteen, Jen had a grand mal seizure—she had a convulsion and fell to the floor, unconscious. She had many EEGs and an MRI, all of which were interpreted as normal, but Conflict of interest is an accusation invariably wielded to discredit those viewpoints with which one disagrees. Michael Jacobson’s Center for Science in the Public Interest had publicly exposed the industry connections of Fred Stare, founder and chair of the department of nutrition at Harvard, primarily because Stare had spent much of his career defending industry on food additives, sugar, and other issues. “In the three years after Stare told a Congressional hearing on the nutritional value of cereals that ‘breakfast cereals are good foods,’” Jacobson had written, “the Harvard School of Public Health received about $200,000 from Kellogg, Nabisco, and their related corporate foundations.” Stare defended his industry funding with an aphorism he repeated often: “The important question is not who funds us but does the funding influence the support of truth.” This was reasonable, but it is always left to your critics to decide whether or not your pursuit of truth has indeed been compromised. Jeremiah Stamler and the CSPI held the same opinions on what was healthy and what was not, and Stamler consulted for CSPI, so Stamler’s alliance with industry—funding from corn-oil manufacturers—was not considered unholy. (By the same token, advocacy groups such as Jacobson’s CSPI are rarely if ever accused of conflicts of interest, even though their entire reason for existence is to argueone side of a controversy as though it were indisputable. Should that viewpoint turn out to be incorrect, it would negate any justification for the existence of the advocacy group and, with it, the paychecks of its employees.)
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December 1998


It’s Monday about 3 PM and I am waiting for the afternoon showing of Titanic in the Theater across the street from our apartment. I think I was nudged by God to go. I was early and as the 11:30 AM people came out, I went in and watched the hundreds and hundreds of names scroll down the screen.

It’s a big deal to have your name on the screen. I remember a man at one of the house churches a few years ago bragging about having his name in the credits of some "important" movie. Big deal - it was to him anyway.

Matt was cleaning up between the shows and it was good meeting a brother in Jesus. He has a rock band and travels around the area - mostly in "churches." He obviously hasn’t given up his day job yet, but I suspect Jesus will soon put him in the full time ranks.

Sitting here is something like being in a "church house" for an early morning prayer meeting. The faithful few are gathered to acknowledge and pay their respects to the god of this world and his insidious hold on the minds and hearts of the masses of America.

I remember that just a few weeks ago on the highest holy day for the screen worshippers, Titanic swept the Oscars. Many of the little idols were garnered by this huge success at the box office. I was grateful to have another commitment and couldn’t watch. I usually enjoy the music and pageantry of things like that, but then feel sick inside at the realization of how little all this has to do with Jesus and His Kingdom, and His soon return.

Now I’ve seen it, and believe it is truly a timely, prophetic message to America. When the Titanic’s dead carcass was found lying in it’s briny sheol, the captain of the search vessel said, "Well, I’ll be God-damned." When beautiful Rose returned to the scene as a regal aged woman, she said, "Well I’ll be God-damned."

These words are lightly bantered about in our pagan culture, and few find them shocking. However, God finds them shocking, and disgusting, and prophetic.


America, hear the word of the Lord:

"You are so proud and arrogant. You think nothing can stop your great progress and scientific breakthroughs. You are so rich and prosperous and haughty and blind to the poor and outcast. You are so smug and self-reliant, so out of touch with Me and with reality. You claw and scratch to get ahead of your brothers and sisters, and don’t realize that I would rather be at the party below decks. You are running full speed ahead into the end of life on this earth as you have known it. Turn to Me, and live.

"You have joined ranks with the scoffers who ridicule My imminent return. You act as if you had a covenant with death and cannot be harmed. You don’t care what is done by those who are to model Me, as long as the economy grows. You live in a constant state of denial that this world’s ways are eternal and nothing, at least nothing in your lifetime will change. Be sure of this, I will return at the appointed hour. Turn to me and live.

"Prepare to meet your God. Set your house in order. Finish the necessary works. Let the unimportant go, but do those things you know should be done before I return. Stop thinking of your life, and consider others as more important than you. Turn to me and live."

The Lord impressed me with another thought from Titanic. Jack rescued and saved Rose even giving his life for her. Jesus rescued and saved us, His bride at the cost of His life. At the end, Jack receives his bride in the fantasy of a bygone day. Soon, very soon, we will be presented to Jesus as His Bride in the company of all the saints and angels in a splendor and beauty beyond any earthly setting. Hallelujah! Maranatha!

Frank Smith
(760) 641-0251