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August 2012

August 10, 2012


Dear Friends and Loved Ones,


            The peace of God keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, Who has overcome this world. May His peace permeate you in the midst of chaos and strife. May His victory over every enemy and every battle be yours by faith. May His anointing overflow upon you in the very presence of your enemies. May you be blessed to be an effective blessing during this incredible time of transition into the full millennial reign of Christ. What a wonderful day.


            K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple Saints, a book or maybe more accurately a booklet, about Days and Times is now finished. If you would like an electronic copy, please let me know. I will zap it back to you as a Word File. I hope to use this message as the basis for a Seminar wherever folks are interested in what is going on from God’s perspective, and what our part is in all of it.


            Alan Haghighi is writing an addendum to K.I.S.S., or a clarification from a non or less Christianese perspective. His insights will add a great deal to the booklet. I hope he will be able to break free and come help in some of the seminars.


            Dave Gibbs has designed a great cover and digitally set the type for K.I.S.S. He should have it sent to me by Monday. Hallelujah! For those who don’t know Dave, he and Cindy joined the Lutheran congregation where I was Pastor in the early 1970’s – yikes, that’s over 40 years. He left the Lutheran denomination with us and was a dynamic part of South Coast Fellowship. He has been a loyal friend and supporter of Crushed Grapes ever since.


            Thank You, Father for all those who have prayed for and supported Crushed Grapes over the years. Bless them, reward them, and please increase their numbers.

            Here is the closing blessing and prayer:


Love in Christ,


Frank Smith
(760) 641-0251