Can anaprox ds 550 get you high Cheap metatarsal boots International pharmacy online When I talk to people, blind or sighted, or when I try to think of my own internal representations, I find myself uncertain whether words, symbols, and images of various types are the primary tools of thought or whether there are forms of thought antecedent to all of these, forms of thought essentially amodal. Psychologists have sometimes spoken ofinterlingua or mentalese, which they conceive to be the brains own language, and Lev Vygotsky, the great Russian psychologist, used to speak of thinking in pure meanings. I cannot decide whether this is nonsense or profound truthit is the sort of reef I end up on when I think about thinking.
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September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012


Dear Loved Ones,


            I love the lyrics of the song, “How He Loves” where it says, “So heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss.” God’s invasion of His creation as a human being, or one like us, is radical, vulnerable, loving, mind blowing and all encompassing. He loves us.

            Andrew is my newest grandson, just now six months old, and his “sloppy wet kisses” are delightful. I think Joseph and Mary and the rest of their family and friends including Simeon and Anna thought the same thing about Jesus.

            His “passion” could also be called, His passionate act of love for all of us. It is beyond the wonderfulness of a sloppy wet kiss. It is God Himself, scaled down into human form, bearing the sins of all humanity from the beginning to the very end of time. It is the Lamb of God, owning as His, and taking away the sins of the world.


            We have finally got the newly revised website up and running. Many of the older items are yet to be added, but a couple of new things might be of interest to you. I finally got the book, “What is this thing we call Church?”  properly edited and on the site. It is in Word format. Much of the material from earlier writings about church is included, but it is more comprehensive, personal, and I pray helpful for those who love Jesus and His Church.

            Also K.I.S.S. is now online and can also be downloaded or just read on the site. I also have some spiral bound copies I am using at Seminars and other places.

            And, a section is reserved for guest blogs, the first of which will be the excellent letter my daughter Sarah wrote as a fund raiser for the ministry. I am always hesitant to ask for help, but this letter is exceptionable. It is also attached to this newsletter.

            May God bless you, so warmly and wonderfully that you feel His heart and love like a sloppy wet kiss.

Love in Christ,


Frank B. Smith, Director

Crushed Grapes Ministry

PO Box 3009

Vista, CA 92085

(760) 641-0251

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Frank Smith
(760) 641-0251