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March 2014 Semi-Regular Newsletter - Family Update

March 16, 2014

Dear Friends and loved ones,

May God's grace and favor abound in your life and surround you with a shield of goodness and love that makes it very difficult for our enemy to invade your space with his diabolical and damnable works. His goal is to steal from you, kill you, and destroy every good gift God has ever given you and wishes to increase in you. We have just experienced this in an awful and also awesome way.

Today (Sunday March 16) is my wife Betty's eighth day in the hospital. Here's what happened. She went on the Adkins diet big time and did the radical four day adjustment. It was tough. She also had her ongoing medical issues for which she takes a number of prescription medications plus Tylenol and Alleve. She was dehydrated which causes confusion. Her kidneys couldn't handle it. She had an infection in her blood and began hallucinating. On Thursday night/Friday morning she fell and in her confusion couldn't get up, didn't know where she was, and lay on the floor several hours until I woke up and found her. It was like she was in a dream and couldn't get out of it.

I got her to bed and she slept well and peacefully for hours. She seemed okay and did not want to go to doctor or hospital. Her friend Joannie Turley came on Saturday as well as several family members and we had a tremendous prayer and ministry time. She continued to show signs of distress and developed an itching issue and we finally got her agreement to go to the Emergency Room early Sunday morning.

After six or seven hours of tests and exams, they decided to admit her. The test results and examinations of the next few days trickled in and we found out: her kidneys were functioning at 11% which causes numerous issues including confusion; she had an E coli infection in her blood, gall stones, bladder infection, and double pneumonia which causes confusion; she has a polyps type growth in her belly that will be dealt with later. A port for kidney dialysis was put in her neck and one dialysis treatment was performed. A significant change occurred, but they were not sure if the kidneys would come back or she would need continuing dialysis. Yesterday, Saturday, they took out the port and feel she will not have to endure the dialysis lifestyle. However the doctor said that her kidney function needs to get to 30 % which it has not done yet. And we're going to need a lot of home health aid and assistance.

We are now awaiting discharge when the elevated white blood cell count comes down and home care instructions are made clear. We are also rejoicing in the miraculous, healing hand of God in so many areas through this ordeal. The unity, love, and great faith of our children and grandchildren were a blessing beyond description.

Meanwhile, the world goes on its merry way awaiting the coronation of Jesus as King of kings , and Lord of lords. Airplanes disappear, Gog and Magog are rumbling and conniving as the bear gobbles up its land prey again. You ask, "When will Jesus' reign begin?" If He lives in you and you are a literal part of Christ in the earth, it has already begun as He reigns in and through you. I don't know when Jesus Himself will come, but until then the Kingdom reign is through Christ – you. All this stuff of governments failing, the world changing physically, and woes and disasters are just the small price we pay as we await the greatness of our God.

The Sunday before all this, I had five men from Brother Bennos scheduled for ocean baptisms. Come Sunday March 2nd, the last day of the storms, the rain was still pounding, the wind howling and the surf was huge. Two men copped out, but the rest persevered. I went out with them and one of the huge breakers knocked me down. My baptizing buddy, Dennis Pinnick, full time servant of the poor, caught me and dragged my fat rump out of the surf. Very exciting! Then, a few hours later I baptized a 12 year-old beautiful daughter of a man we had baptized ten years before. The old age fruit is incredibly sweet.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Please keep Betty in your prayers for complete healing and restoration of all the issues she is confronting. God is good and His provision of daily bread is certain. It appears that our expenses are about to take a dramatic increase for home health issues. Thanks to all of you who continue to support Crushed Grapes Ministry. God is keeping us and enabling us to pay rent and expenses through you and your obedience to Him.



Frank B. Smith, Director

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Frank Smith
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