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Family Update - Semi-regular Newsletter

March 29, 2014

Dear Friends and loved ones,

Thanks for all the prayers and loving words for Betty. Thank God for prayers like you.
Betty came home last Monday which was her ninth day at the hospital. She has been doing good at home and continues to rebound. Four of our kids and families plus Betty's dear friend Joannie Turley have teamed up and are taking care of just about everything. I feel like a fifth wheel, but am beginning to roll along with the rest of the care team.

Early on, several of us expected she would die, but God clearly intervened, spared her life, and restored her mental clarity. All of the radical health issues are turning around and only God can be credited for such a powerful healing.

Thank You Lord for Your power and grace and Your healing virtue that still flows through Your Body.



Frank B. Smith, Director

Crushed Grapes Ministries

PO Box 3009

Vista, CA 92085

(760) 641-0251

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Frank Smith
(760) 641-0251