(There is, additionally, a clear practice effect, so that people who exercise their stereo powersfor example, by working with a binocular microscopemay experience striking improvements in stereo acuity and stereo depth over a longer period. Here, too, the underlying mechanism is unknown.) My inability to see depth or distance leads me to combine or conflate near and far objects into strange hybrids or chimeras. One day I was puzzled to find a gray web between my fingers, before I realized that I was seeing the gray carpet three feet belownow seen on the same plane as my hands and construed as part of them. I was horrified once, looking at a friend in profile, to notice twigs or slivers of wood coming out of her eyesbut these belonged, I soon realized, to a tree across the road. I spotted a man crossing the road in Union Square, with an enormous scaffolding on his shouldershe is crazy to be carrying such a thing, I thoughtand then I realized that the scaffolding was thirty feet behind him, another conflation. Another time I saw the top of a fire engine apparently impaled on the roof of my car, and then realized that the fire engine was a dozen yards behind the car. But knowing this, or moving my head to demonstrate it by motion parallax, makes strangely little difference to the illusion. buy xenical Excel 2010 einfuhrung online
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April 21, 2014

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

            May the love and presence of the Lord within you be so delightful and overwhelming that the default mechanism of your life becomes the joy of the Lord. And may your joy be so contagious that no one can stand to be around you and stay grumpy, upset, or worried. As the world around us continues to writhe in the birth pangs of God’s Kingdom, the great need is for Christ in the flesh, and the joy of the Lord. We are the answers to that need. We need to live like who we really are.

            The report on Betty and her recovery is off the charts good. I wanted to say something like, “she continues to improve,” but that’s not accurate. She is better now than she has been for years. She has not been gradually improving, she has been catapulted to a level of health and well-being that only God could orchestrate. Thank You Lord.

            Alan and Brian Haghighi asked about doing a fund-raiser for Crushed Grapes Ministry at their Winery. This raises a lot of questions regarding the number of folks in our circles with alcohol issues, and so when asking the Lord about doing a combined fund-raiser/Crushed Grapes Day on Saturday May 17, the answer was “sure, go ahead.” God willing, this we will do.

Saturday, May 17, at 3:00 PM at California Fruit Wine, 1040 La Mirada Ct. Vista, CA 92081 we will pour oil on several folks whose ministries are such that the validation of ordination is appropriate. We will also worship and share whatever God has for us to share with one another. I pray all my expectations for the day will be met. If they are met, heaven will be opened and God will pour out on us His presence in a mighty and powerful way. No matter what happens, we will have the opportunity to love on one another and encourage each other to stand strong and be a pillar in the House of our God.

            We’ve been to three movies the last couple weeks. Here are my biased reviews:

NOAH – save your money.

GOD’S NOT DEAD – spend your money here and bring friends, especially young people who           are agnostic or whatever.

HEAVEN IS FOR REAL – does justice to the wonderful book. This is an in depth theological treatise on heaven from a four year old boy’s perspective. It is very encouraging and timely for this season on the earth.

God bless you. Love,


Frank Smith
(760) 641-0251