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Crushed Grapes Update

August 16, 2014


Dear Friends and Loved Ones:


Thank you for the love and support you have showered upon us. In the BODY OF CHRIST, we are each one a living part of Christ on the earth. We are so grateful that the various parts (you) have such an interest and love for the other parts (us) , and have shown that love in beautiful ways. Here’s a report on what’s been happening:


HEALTH.   Betty is still doing well. Her healing has held and she is holding her own during some very tense times both in the world and in our lives with the need to move by October 1.


I (Frank) am continuing in all the health the Lord so graciously provides. A week ago my left hip which has been replaced three times seemed to break or come out of the socket again. I spent a day on crutches and Betty had to lift the leg in and out of the car or the bed. It was terribly painful and disturbing to think about another replacement surgery. After lots of prayer, the next morning it was as if nothing had happened and I have been fine (relative term) ever since. Praise God!


HOUSING. Our landlady called and apologized, but wants to move back to California and into her condo which we have been renting for 4 plus years. She said she would like us out by October 1. What a hassle. But, the Lord has moved a dear friend to purchase a similar condo 400 or 500 yards away and rent it to us.  The escrow should close by the end of September and our moving day is scheduled for September 27.  Any help for the move will be greatly appreciated and rewarded on “the other side,” or here if the Lord so chooses. We continue to operate from hand to mouth – from God’s hand through His people like you to our mouths. Thank you for listening and responding to Him.


MINISTRY. I continue to “pastor” a sort of flock at the art studio here in Laguna Woods. I do a lot of sharing, encouraging and praying for and with others. A good percentage of this “flock” is Jewish and many claim to be atheists. I have fallen in love with them all.


I also am doing some limited meeting and sharing at Green Oak Ranch. My typical schedule is to teach at Brother Benno’s on Tuesday afternoons and then have dinner at the Ranch. Immediately after dinner we gather for about an hour to share, pray, teach and encourage one another.


My favorite ministry activity is teaching the men at Brother Benno’s for their first thirteen weeks in the program. The men come from every background and situation, and are typically older than the men at Green Oak Ranch. Also alcohol is a much bigger problem than drugs. Last Tuesday Rick Hohn shared his testimony and the Spirit touched us all. In following up the message, we scheduled five men for baptism tomorrow morning, to die in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean with Jesus on the cross, and rise up out of the water on Resurrection morning to a new life with Jesus. Hallelujah!


One of the men had been scheduled for baptism on March 2. That was the day of a storm and the wind, rain, and surf were not cooperating. He said, “I’m not going in that water,” and he didn’t. It was rough. I got knocked over by a wave and my friend Dennis Pinnick, servant of the poor at Brother Benno’s, pulled me up out of the surf.


Well, this dear brother finished phase one, graduated and soon after relapsed. He quickly got straightened out again and returned where I get another 13 weeks with him. We agreed that part of his problem was backing out of the baptism in March and he is ready to go for it tomorrow. Dennis and others will be ready to grab me if necessary. What an incredible privilege it is to bear such fruit in old age, although I keep hearing that 81 isn’t as old as it used to be???


As we all watch the world going through its death throes to the old systems, or the birth pangs for the Kingdom of God, focus in on who you are and what you are called to do. The Kingdom of God is poised to take over everything as you and I and the rest of us learn to rule and reign as the very Body of Christ. We are literally Christ on the earth. The reign of King Jesus, at least to begin with, is through us. Listen to Him, and do what He says.


I love you and bless you in Jesus’ name,



Frank B. Smith, Director

Crushed Grapes Ministries

PO Box 3009

Vista, CA 92085

(760) 641-0251

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Frank Smith
(760) 641-0251